Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Awaa) Start 16 October - Duration 13 day ، Autumn

150 stranded Egyptians in Saudi Arabia return to the port of Safaga

Lieutenant-General Kamel El-Wazir instructed chief executives of the Red Sea Ports Authority to raise the degree of readiness and to take all necessary measures in coordination with the Maritime Transport Sector, the Red Sea Governorate, quarantine and all concerned parties to facilitate the return of Egyptians. The Ministry of Transport announced in a statement today that it is a continuation of the efforts made by various Ministries in the Egyptian government to return stranded Egyptian citizens to Egypt and provid all possible facilities for them upon their return. A voyage was conducted today for "Cairo" ferry owned by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport from Safaga Port to transport 150 Egyptian citizens from the Saudi port of Duba after the passenger traffic between the Egypt and Saudi Arabia had  been suspended due to the precautionary measures that the two sides follow to prevent the spread of Corona virus.  As the ferry moved from the port of Duba at 17:30 pm today, all the necessary precautions were taken by the medical staff and the purification and sterilization crew of "Cairo" ferry. Preparing and taking measures in coordination with the Red Sea Governorate and quarantine and all relevant authorities, procedures for receiving returnees starting from their arrival to the port of Safaga, includes quarantine procedures, passport procedures, the police and insurance inside the port and the end of customs procedures were put in place.

IMO Secretary-General

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