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Egypt participates in the virtual meeting of the Subcommittee on Transport in the African Union Commission

Elyoum 7

Today, the first vertual meeting of the Subcommittee of Transport of the African Union Commission was held at the Ministerial Level, headed by Dr. Amani Abu Zayd, Commissioner of Transport, Energy and Tourism of the African Union. The meeting was attended on behalf of H.E Lieutenant-General Kamel El-Wazir The Minister of Transport, by Rear Admiral Reda Ismail, Head of the Maritime Transport Sector, and Rear Admiral Ayman Saleh - Counsellor to the Minister of Transport. The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Transport of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, Togo, Somalia and South Africa, and the Deputy Minister of Transport in Lesotho. The meeting discussed the impact of the outspread of the Corona pandemic on Africa and its economic sectors, especially maritime and air transport sectors, and the challenges facing these sectors in African countries. The meeting also discussed emergency measures taken in African countries to prevent the outspread of the emerging virus and reduce its impact on the transport sector in relation to cargo transport in general and particularly medical supplies and foodstuffs transport services to the countries most affected. The Egyptian delegation emphasized the efficiency and effectiveness of the Egyptian ports, which operate regularly throughout the day since the beginning of the crisis, with full commitment to apply the precautionary measures and procedures stipulated in accordance with the International Maritime Organization standards. The Egyptian delegation also stressed, according to a press release of the Ministry of Transport, on the efficiency and capability of Egyptian ports to provide maritime transport services and that Egypt always supports cooperation with African countries in the field of maritime and air transport. The meeting concered on an initial correlated declaration on strengthening joint cooperation to reduce economic impacts on the transport sectors in African countries. The attendees praised the Egyptian position and Egypt's continuous willingness to support the African continent in various fields, especially in light of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

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