Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Awaa) Start 16 October - Duration 13 day ، Autumn

An emergency meeting of the competent authorities in Alexandria Port Authority to discuss the facilitation and acceleration of cargo traffic operations

Captain\ Tarek Shaheen - Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority, held a meeting with representatives of a number of competent authorities involved with maritime transport. The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate and accelerate cargo traffic rates, increase stevedoring rates, and to develop a scenario to deal with any occurrences related to the spread of Corona virus. Captain\ Tarek Shaheen said that this emergency meeting came in accordance with the directives of H.E Lt. Gen. Kamel El-Wazir the Minister of Transport, which entailed: The necessity of full coordination regarding the acceleration of work scheme Sustain the unrelenting fight against the transmission of infection with the corona virus. The development of solutions with the police to facilitate the transportation of port workers at the time of the curfew in accordance with the prime minister’s decree Facilitate electronic payment operations. The continuation of decontamination and sterilization operations for individuals, vessels, equipment, buildings, and cargoes under the supervision of the agricultural and health quarantine, taking into account the proper method of sterilizing cargoes according to their type so as not to cause their impairment. The meeting was attended by representatives of: the Chamber of Shipping, the Food Safety Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, container companies, export and import control, customs, police, agricultural quarantine, veterinary quarantine, quarantine, the Safety Authority and the Holding Company for Land and Maritime Transport. The meeting concluded the following results: Grant port access to cargo trucks, even when empty, so that the work cycle is not affected. Coordination on means to implement the instructions of the Ministry of Health with regard to the prohibited and permitted materials during dealing with various cargoes in the event of an increase in the spread of the virus. A working group has been formed to consider the operating method used in the Italian ports during the current crisis, to be applied in the event of the spread of the virus. Allocate a quarantine crane for easy transportation to the external anchor area to inspect the vessels and their crews before entering the port and follow up on the decontamination and sterilization operations. Reduce gatherings within and around banks, ATMs, and gates, and the necessity of dealing electronically, whether financially or in relation to procedures, where the Agency can submit an electronic application addressing multiple electronically connected entities, such as the Port Authority, customs, export and import control, etc.…. to reduce crowds. In coordination with the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS), it the Authority decided to extend the travel permit for 72 hours instead of 48 hours in order to facilitate transactions for clients and seafarers and reduce gatherings. Coordination on the necessity of speeding up the stevedoring operations, transporting and handling of cargoes in order to insure the availability of strategic commodities in the markets according to the inclinations of the State. It was also agreed that all competent Authorities should provide a hotline to deal with the public, moment by moment. Reda El-Ghandour, the Port spokesperson declared that the mandates for prevention Corona Virus infection were observed during the meeting, whereby the representation of the relevant authorities was minimal, all attendees were examined before entering the meeting hall, and the safe distance between the seats was duly observed.

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