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The International Chamber of Shipping "ICS" has issued new guidelines for the global maritime transport industry, to help in combating the spread of the Coronavirus, and a comprehensive document has been issued, in cooperation with the relevant international bodies, including (WHO - International Maritime Organization - IMO - European Center for Prevention Diseases and Control ECDC- International Maritime Health Association (IMHA). The ICC document includes some advice on managing port and seaport entry, prior examination, and what to do in cases of suspicion or infection.

It also provides practical preventive measures to be taken by seafarers on board ships, including a plan to manage the outbreak (if it occurs), in addition to some instructions and advice related to hygiene measures for seafarers on board, managing high-risk exposure, handling cases, and isolation Cleaning, disinfection, and waste management. The guidance also comes with stickers that can be printed and placed on board ships, as well as some tracking templates for travelers (pre-boarding for cruise ships), and the World Health Organization's list of logistical support measures against the Corona Virus.

It is worth noting that this document was designed and designed to support and suit all types of ships operating in international waters by providing them with the latest effective information and guidelines necessary to limit the spread of this virus. It will also be distributed to seafarers through (the network of member associations of international navigation chambers), and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will circulate it through its periodic publications, and it will also be shared via social media.

IMO Secretary-General

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