Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Kasem Start 4 December - Duration 5 days ، Extern storms
  • Red Sea Next Almorbaaniya (El-Eklil) Start 7 December - Duration 13 day ، The beginning of the cold
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Zabana) Start 24 November - Duration 13 day ، Autumn

Mameesh: signing contracts for companies exceeding milliard dollar at SCEZ

 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal Economic Zone authority has assured that SCEZ has signed contracts that exceeds million dollars and it still continues development of all zone’s lands through implementing and developing infra-structure  and establishment of electricity and desalination stations and linking all facilities to the Zone’s projects.

 He added that at the Zone we work for projects’ development to promote economic development wheel so that the Zone will become center of world trade and pointing out to new investment law.

 Mameesh has also declared that total existing companies at the Zone at southern region are 192 companies; industrial and utilities and total exploited lands at Sukhna Zone reaches 81km with a percentage of 39%. Total lands currently negotiated upon are 45km with a percentage of 22%.  And total available lands for investments 41km with a percentage of 20%. The concrete berth at Port Said port has been executed with a length of 5km, and cranes have been installed at eastern berth also yards behind new berths have been equipped for handling and dredging works at port have reached 67.5 million cubic meter.   

IMO Secretary-General

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