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Today inauguration of an international conference at AAST in the attendance of transport minister

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 Arab academy for science, technology and maritime transport has inaugurated today international conference “Marlog 8” entitled “towards international competitiveness in maritime transport sector…. Future instructions for investment in ports”. This within the period from 17/19 -2019 and in the attendance of  Eng/ Kamel ElWazir transport minister vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and  of SCEZ authority, Dr. Dina ElZaher head of Transport and Tourism sector at Arab League, admiral/ Reda Ismail head of maritime transport sector “MTS”, admiral Adel ElGhadban, Port Said governor, admiral/ Hatem ElKady, head of maritime navigation chambers union, Panama ambassador Alegandro Levan Mendoza ,  Palestine ambassador, Diab Ellouh, Belgium counselor, master/ Ayman ElGuhine, head of KSA Daba’ port, Dr. Ahmed Tamer head of Troublous harbor and Ali Khalifa manager of Lebanese Soor harbor.   

 The conference debates sustainable investment projects and importance of SC corridor being a promising international economic Zone,modern innovations and technological inventions at ports, environmental investment at ports and economic feedback, relationship between sustainable investment and city / port integration, importance of human cadres development to fulfill ports vision 2030.  

 The conference is accompanied with annual Fair for equipment and maritime services for international and local companies working in the field of ports’ services, maritime transport, computers and IT.  Equipment and maritime services exhibition is considered one of specialized ones in maritime activity field in Egypt and Arab countries; allowing for an opportunity for renewables’ presentation in the field of modern technology used in maritime transport industry field and ports for  companies, authorities and international corporations working in this field.   

 The conference aims at attracting specialists and experts in the fields of maritime transport, maritime ports and logistics in a way that fulfill sustainable development targets in participation with a group of specialists from ports’ authorities  and MTS specialized countries on local and international level.

 The academy holds this conference annually to increase benefitting from technicalities and modern continuous inventions to follow development in international maritime field in ports’ sector and logistic community, especially that international trade volume is positively affected with extent of development and innovation to help in managing resources through a pattern more sustainable and effective

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