Studies related to human resources

  • A Study on occupational standards and human resources matrix for container handling terminal jobs and labor (January 2006)..

Conducted by:

Research and Consultation Center for the Maritime Transport Sector – Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

Objectives of the study:

This report aims at establishing a typical performance level for various job categories in the Container Yard and Container Freight Station in accordance with international standards.

Results: –

The data analysis of the container terminal under this study showed the following: –

1- The current organizational structure of the container terminal – which is the subject of the current

study- showed a discrepancy between it and the international standards, as follows:

– The overlap between the functions of the sub-sections and the main sections in the organizational structure.

         – The reporting system is not as clear as it should be.

        – Job descriptions are not defined in a clear manner, especially with regard to tasks and subtasks.

2- The following operational problems were observed:

– The newly appointed personnel, who are responsible for the operation, are not familiar with the correct/appropriate cargo handling procedures, which leads to a high rate of accidents, a large number of legal claims cases, damages to the goods and a waste of time.

–  Unsafe operating practices and poor maintenance of cargo handling equipment lead to increased damage to goods and equipment and increased operating costs.

3- Guidelines on safety procedures and practices are not properly distributed, and on the other hand, the administration has not provided the necessary Paraphernalia personal equipment such as raincoats, dust and gas masks, helmets and protective footwear regularly and in a proper manner.

Recommendations: –

The recommendations of the report were as follows:

1- The management of the container terminal must adopt the concept of human resource development as a very important investment, and the need to develop a strategic program at the same time to achieve effectiveness, efficiency and productivity in the field of managing container terminals.

2- There is an urgent need to achieve logicality with regard to the management’s concept of human resource development, not only with regard to training and development, but also with regard to taking into account the future plans and aspirations of individuals and the needs and requirements of the organization.

3- Using this report as a reference for any container company interested in developing its work, especially in developing countries.