Since the beginning of the nineteenth (90thcentury), the government of Egypt has started in implementing an ambitious program for financial and economic reform. Egyptian economy has realized a progression at regional level that enabled it to attain a high level international status, as Egypt enjoys a distinguished strategic location that enables it to become an important trade center: in the existence of Suez Canal which is considered most important international trading artery in addition to the presence of several big ports: Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, Safaga… etc.

Egypt has preceded a rational policy to fulfill economic development through encouraging investment, attracting Arab and foreign investors to invest in Egypt. . In order to achieve this, Egypt has undertaken many policies and procedures whether economic or financial as shown below:

  • Law no. 8 issued on 11/5/1977 provides incentives and facilitation to attract investors and to guarantee to their projects sufficient protection. Through this law, investors enjoy several taxes exemptions according to their activities and its location.
  • The law executive regulation no. 1247/2004 issued by prime minister has illustrated in detail different activities fields that are to be practiced in accordance to this law, especially in the field of maritime transport and navigational services performed in Egyptian ports region as follows:

1st section: Internal Investment:

Included the following activities:

  • Establishing marinas yachts, diving centers and related activities.
  • Reefer transport for cargoes and refrigerators.
  • Containers handling terminals.
  • Grain storage silos
  • Stevedoring activities

High seas maritime transport including:

  • Transporting materials, cargoes and passengers outside territorial water using vessels
  • Establishing and managing natural gas reception terminals to be prepared for distribution through special tankers.

2nd section: Free zone investment system:

In respect to maritime transport activity and navigational services, this system includes renting and owning high sea vessels, and different cargo and containers’ transport services, stevedoring and maintaining all types of tools and equipment.

All over the republic there are 7 free zones amongst which 4 concerns maritime transport sector including the following:

  • Port Said general free zone (prime minister decree no. 1172 /2003 to amend name and boundaries of East Port Fouad branch general free zone to become general free zone of East Port Said port.
  • Suez general free zone in which there are 3 general free zones:Port Tewfik free zone, Adabeyia free zone, Attaka industrial free zone).
  • Damietta free zone
  • Alexandria general free zone
  • Egypt enjoys a strategic location in the center of Arab world, at the middle of three continents (Africa, Europe and Asia).
  • Its coasts also extend along the Mediterranean and the Red sea making out of it an important commercial center. Also the existence of the Suez Canal on its land which is considered most important trade artery
  • Such distinguished location of Egypt enabled it to reinforce commercial ties and investment opportunities and to work out with a number of European, African and Arab countries
  • Egyptian market volume reaches 90 million hence being one of the biggest markets in the Middle East.
  • The investor finds in Egypt a competitive privilege due to low cost of production elements represented in (services, manpower, infra-structure), also availability of skilled trained manpower at different levels and the existence of a high level information and communication system copying with best international technology systems and serving individuals and companies.

In order to facilitate and provide best service for investors, investment services complex has been established to gather all entities that investor deal  with in one place; at the authority’s headquarters to be capable of revising all procedures and facilitating for investor easily dealing with different entities where “Current Informatory Unit” answers any investor’s inquiries and explain required procedures and show required documents for companies’ foundation and also providing them with any information or publications.

Laws Guarantees for investors:

  • Prohibition of nationalizing or confiscating companies
  • Prohibition of receivership companies, or attachment on property or capture or frozen funds without juridical way
  • Nonintervention of any administrative entity in pricing the company’s products or controlling its profits
  • Prohibition of abolition or termination of real properties usufruct licenses unless in case of contravention in license conditions.
  • Prohibition of bringing legal action against companies or institutions except after getting the approval of the Investment general authority
  • Settling any disputes is through the agreed upon system with the investors or according to applicable conventions between Egypt and the investors’ country or the convention concerned with settling disputes or through arbitration.

Taxes and Custom exemptions:

Concerning free zones projects

  • Total Custom exemptions for free zones
  • Lifetime taxes exemptions

Concerning internal investment projects

  • A 5% common custom taxes on needed tools and equipment for production.
  • 5 years taxes exemptions for activities performed outside industrial zones.
  • 10 years taxes exemptions for activities performed inside industrial zones.
  • 5 years exemption from notarization and registration fees for companies foundation, loan and mortgage contracts.
General Authority for Investment and Free Zones:
Investment authority
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