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Damietta Port Authority announces the reception of 27 ships during the last 24 hours

Source: El Youm7 Newspaper 

Damietta Port Authority announced the movement of ships during the past 24 hours, where the port with 27 ships, and the export movement of general cargo amounted to 3,353 tons of phosphate, and the incoming movement of general cargo reached 25,204 tons, including: 15,500 tons of corn, 1000 tons of wheat and 419 tons of wood Beech, 2650 tons of soybeans, 100 tons of scrap, 3535 tons of iron and 2000 tons of lentils.

The movement of exports from containers recorded 278 equivalent containers, including vegetables (beans, potatoes, lettuce, peppers, artichokes, cauliflower, potatoes and frozen mixed vegetables), agricultural crops (marjoram, cowpeas and flax) and fruits (oranges and tangerines) that are exported to all From the Emirates, Iraq, Algeria, Oman, Singapore, Greece, Holland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, England, America and Greece.

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