Divine Providence rescued a fishing boat with 76 people on board by means of the Egyptian ship “EGY Crown,” flying the Egyptian flag, one of the container ships owned by one of the companies affiliated with the Mahoney Shipping and Marine Services Group, during its voyage on August 29, 2023 from the Greek port of Piraeus to the port of Livorno in Italy, where “EGY Crown” received a distress call from the Italian Coast Guard, reporting that there was a fishing boat with about 76 people on board near the cargo ship “A-Obelix” flying the Maltese flag.

Immediately upon receiving the call for help, the crew of the Egyptian ship “EGY Crown” changed its course and headed at full speed in the direction of the fishing boat in compliance with the provisions of the SOLAS Agreement.

The process of reaching the boat took about 4 hours, including continuous coordination and communication with the Greek Coast Guard, in order to receive and follow up on instructions for rescuing the individuals on board the boat.

In turn, the management of Mahoney Company which operates the ship “EGY Crown”, informed the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, represented by the Maritime Transport Sector, which instructed the continuation of monitoring and reporting on all developments.

Immediately upon the arrival of the Egyptian ship “EGY Crown” to the boat’s location at exactly ten and fifteen minutes in the morning, the boat was tied to the left side of the ship “EGY Crown” and within only two hours the ship’s crew succeeded in rescuing and transporting 76 individuals, and then headed to the Greek port of Pylos at 2:30.

On the evening of the same day – at 10:10 – 76 individuals were handed over and disembarked from the Egyptian ship “EGY Crown” to a warship belonging to the Greek Coast Guard as the final step of the rescue mission.

Then, the Egyptian ship “EGY Crown” resumed its course towards the Italian port of Livorno to continue its planned voyage, after performing its humanitarian, moral and legal duty to save lives, recording a new bright mark in the record of Egyptian ships flying the Egyptian flag.