The Ministry of Transport signed a contract with a Korean company to build two new vessels to join the marine transport fleet of ALKAHERA COMPANY FOR FERRIES AND MARITIME TRANSPORT Company (KCFMT), to enhance the fleet and restore it to its previous prominence.

In the following points, we present the specifications of the new contracted vessels:

  • The two vessels are being constructed by the South Korean “DAESUN” Shipyard. The Vessels will be multi-purpose according to the superlative international specifications in the shipbuilding industry.

Specifications of the two Vessels contracted to be built:

  • Length 127.7 meters – width 21.8 meters – draft 9.1 meters – capacity of holds 15800 m3.
  • Tonnage of the two Vessels is 14,000 tons, the speed is 14 knots, regular container capacity is 709 containers, and refrigerated containers capacity is 98 containers.
  • The new Vessels will allow Egyptian exports to reach regional markets.
  • Vessels are designed to transport a wide range of cargoes such as (general cargo – bulk cargo – heavy cargo – vehicles such as cars – functional cargo such as oil platforms, wind turbines and other large infrastructure components – refrigerated cargo such as fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood).

A plan is in place to buttress ALKAHERA COMPANY FOR FERRIES AND MARITIME TRANSPORT Company (KCFMT) with 4 other Vessels in order to be the owner of 6 new Vessels in addition to the two existing ferries (Cairo and Riyadh).