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Customer Service Department

Customer Service Department

  • Makes plans and policies for service requests procedures introduced to the department answering all inquiries and resolving all problems of customers.
  • Receives customers .considers their requests ,and answers them ,guides and directs them to the concerned bodies.
  • Receives inquiries and complaints ,considers them and refers them to the responsible body.
  • Follows actions taken by responsible bodies to resolve customer problems referred to them in order to respond to customers concerning their problems.
  • Considers what mass media publishes about customer problems with the sector in order to resolve them.
  • Presents indicators of performance standard of services and facilitates their procedures.
  • Assists the General Department for Organization and Management in the Sector to identify problems of service procedures presenting its comments on these problems in order to avoid them in the future.
  • Prepares periodical reports on quality of services offered by the Sector and its affiliated bodies, improvements done to these services –if any, and sends these reports to the Customer Service Department at the Cabinet supported by the Sector’s department comments and proposals.

The Customer Service Department consists of:

  • Information Section.
  • Complaints Section .

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