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Egyptian Maritime Data Bank

Egyptian Maritime Data Bank

The first specialized data bank in the Middle East, Africa and the Arab World. EMDB provides a high level of information services based on accurate detailed information, regular updates, efficient performance which leads to unlimited cost-effective informatian. EMDB is the official information source approved by the government in the maritime transport field..


To provide all information needed for decision makers and poeple interested in the egyptian maritime transport industry through the EMDB website.


To enhance the performance of the Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector by providing all the accurate and certified information on time and with high quality to those working in the maritime industry using the latest information technology.


EMDB aims to provide planners, decision-makers and researchers from various maritime fields with accurate information on all activities of the sector. Enabling foreign users to access the EMDB applications using the internet to benefit from the available services.
Enabling connection with external and local entities in order to achieve the information integration concept.

EMDB Subsystems

EMDB central database – regularly updated by all the EMDB external sites – contains 21 sub-systems covering the four major information systems of EMDB:

  • Egyptian Ports Subsystems Includes ship, cargo, container and passengers’ traffic as well as stevedoring, shipping lines performance and Suez Canal traffic.
  • The Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety Subsystems Includes vessels & maritime units’ characteristics, seamen’s passports and contracts as well as casualties, accidents and pollution.
  • Financial & Human Resources Subsystems Includes data related to investments, budget as well as the manpower of MTS and all the affiliated entities.
  • The Bibliographic Subsystems Includes the legislation regulating the Egyptian maritime transport activities, researches and studies, selective dissemination, current awareness as well as the companies and entities operating within the maritime transport sector.

EMDB Services

  • Provide informative and interactive services through EMDB official website: www.mts.gov.eg
  • Issue several types of Pre-Designed Reports.
  • Developing various statistical reports.
  • Conducting specialized researches and economics studies.
  • Enable direct search in databases.
  • Periodicals & Publications (Bilingual) include:
    • Statistical Yearbook: Analyzed statistical and economical reports related to the Egyptian Ports and Suez Canal traffic.
    • Maritime Ports Guide: Includes data on characteristics of the Egyptian main and specialized ports and Suez Canal.
    • Specialized Subjects(Selective Dissemination , Researches and Studies): Includes abstracts on different maritime researches and studies and he latest maritime topic and articlesin the field of Maritime Transport industry.
    • Maritime Yellow Pages: It includes the main data on companies, agencies, entities and bodies operating in the field of Maritime Transport.
    • E-Bulletin: A monthly e-bulletine concerned with the latest news and information of international and Egyptian maritime transport.
    • Maritime Legislation: Number of volumes including laws, decrees and resolutions regulating the maritime transport activities within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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