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Follow-up Office

Follow-up Office

  • Follows-up on and monitors the performance of daily activities done by the sector ,ensures doing them right on time ,and informs managers of any possible delay.
  • Does a civil follow-up on units presenting direct services to people to preserve the service standard and ensure the good treatment of people.
  • Prepares periodical reports on the follow-up results revealing all deficiencies or deviations in relation to dealing with people and report them to managers.
  • Presents its recommendations and proposals which help avoiding reasons of deficiencies in work.
  • Receives Customer Service Department reports on complaints direction ,indications and conclusions reached from these complaints ,and using these reports in putting follow-up plans and programmes.
  • Assists the customer service department by following-up on repeated complaints which need a comprehensive survey of their topics as well as the organizational divisions to be carried out.
  • Gets the guidelines provided to people by the customer service department to use them as a criterion in the follow-up process especially in relation to identified periods for doing services.
  • Presents its proposals to The General Department For Organization and Management concerning facilitation of procedures of some processes and developing their methods .
  • Cooperates with the General Department For Organization and Management to design forms for follow-up reports.

Analysis Unit for Accountancy Agency Reports

  • Receives and gathers the Central Accountancy Agency reports.
  • Distributes the Agency’s reports to the relevant bodies and departments to study them and express their views towards them.
  • Prepares final reports based on the Agency’s reports and the relevant bodies’ reports and sends them to the Parliament.
  • Prepares and designs forms to follow-up the Accountancy Agency reports and sets detailed plans to carry out programmes of following these reports up whether periodically or officially on civil basis –as applicable.
  • Makes studies, analyzes researches received from the Sector units on the Agency’s reports and proposes relevant solutions supported by the concerned Manager’s opinion.

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