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Public Relations Department

Public Relations Department

  • Follows what is published or announced by mass media concerning the sector’s activities and its affiliated bodies and provides agencies with information according to the laid policy.
  • Organizes press conferences and issues the relevant Sector publications.
  • Prepares news about the most important events and achievements of the Sector and reports them to different mass media.
  • Coordinates with mass media to conclude media conferences with senior officials in the sector.
  • Attends all formal meetings and visits held in the Sector and report their results to mass media.
  • Gathers and saves all published information, news and photos of the Sector and its affiliated units.
  • Facilitates procedures for travelling and receiving the Sector’s guests by preparing their hospitality and accommodation procedures.
  • Presents artistic and literary activities in any event related to the Sector or its employees.
  • Contacts various organizations and prepares any arrangements related to encouraging social, cultural, and sports activities in the Sector and its affiliated units.
  • Issues informative booklets on the Sector’s and its affiliated units’ activities.

The Employees Service Section is an affiliate of the Public Relations Department and is responsible for:

  • Taking all the required measures to do services for those working at the Maritime Transport Sector Headquarters on their behalf –especially the following services:
  • Application for membership of sports and social clubs, and summer resorts.
  • Introduction of applications of the Sector’s employees ‘children for schools.
  • Hospitalization at home and abroad.
  • Reservation of household appliances.
  • Services done by Civil Situation Offices and Health Offices as birth certificates, family and personal identity cards, health cards …etc.
  • Getting passports and work licenses.
  • Military service delay requests.
  • Other services for employees.
  • Informing employees of the results of their requests from other governmental bodies in order to get them as soon as they are ready.
  • Keeping a number of citizens’ directories to help performing services for employees.

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