The following table shows the ISPS Code seaports within the Arab Republic of Egypt

Port NamePort ID NumberApproval Date
Alexandria Port Authorities
Alexandria Port1472617-Jun-2004
Dekheila Port1735017-Jun-2004
Damietta Port Authorities
Damietta Port1737313-Jun-2004
Port Said Port Authorities
Port Said Port1486717-Jun-2004
Arish Port005716-Sep-2004
Port said East PortN.AN.A
Red Sea Ports Authorities
Suez Port1492824-Jun-2004
Adabieh Port1468924-Jun-2004
Safaga Port1789124-Jun-2004
Hurghada PortN.AN.A
Sharm El-Sheikh PortN.AN.A
Sokhna Port2194758-Jul-2004
Noueibah PortN.AN.A
Al-Tour PortN.AN.A