Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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2015-05-12 14:36:00
 Admiral Mohamed Ibrahim Youssef, head of board of directories of Land and Maritime transport holding company assured that the company’s di
2015-05-10 14:17:00
Mr. Abd ElReheem Mustafa, media spokesman of Red Sea port authority has stated that Nuweiba’ seaport has received 592 passenger 88 of which are
2015-05-10 14:16:00
Mr. Abd ElReheem Mustafa, media spokesman of Red Sea port authority has stated that Adabeya port is preparing to receive the vessel “Anna Dorthy
2015-05-10 14:13:00
  Mr. Abd ElReheem Mustafa, media spokesman of Red Sea port authority has stated Friday that Hurghada port at Red Sea governorate received the to
2015-05-10 14:11:00
Red Sea port authority has received Thursday 2169 passenger from European and Arab countries and 6500 ton of Butane gas.  Mr. Abd ElReheem Musta
2015-05-10 14:05:00
The existence of the retained ferry ”ElMuttaheda”  for years on Hurghada port’s berth [n the Red Sea has prevented receiving th
2015-05-05 14:27:00
40 vessels have crossed Suez Canal navigational channel Monday 4-5-2015 of tonnages reaching one million, 846 thousand ton  Tarek Hassaneen, Sue
2015-05-05 14:24:00
   Engineer Hani Dahi, transport minister has received on Monday 4-5-2015 a German parliament delegation currently visiting Egypt together
2015-05-05 14:20:00
  The Suez Canal Authority is negotiating with local banks to receive a new loan worth US$400 million in order to pay for the drilling company&r
2015-05-05 14:16:00
The vessel”MSC Oliver” second biggest container vessel in the world crossed on 2-5-2015 the Suez canal in its first voyage from China to E
2015-05-03 14:36:00
  Mr. Abd ElReheem Mustafa, media spokesman of Red Sea port authority has announced that Zeiteyat port has received yesterday 2-5-2015 the vessel
2015-05-03 14:33:00
   General assemblies of many companies affiliated to land and transport holding company ended in the last few days and they are: Nile for c
2015-04-28 14:00:00
  Transportation Minister Hany Dahy, along with heads of seaport authorities and maritime transport sector, will try to modify the contract of A
2015-04-28 13:24:00
  Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb during his visit to Safaga seaport accompanied with transport minister Hani Dahi praised the volume of work insid
2015-04-27 11:25:00 | Source : Transport Ministry site
    Admiral Hesham Abu Sennah, head of Red Sea general port authority announced that Sukhna port has received its first liquefied gas shipm
2015-04-26 13:55:00
Hurghada seaport authorities have decided Friday to reopen the port for navigation traffic and recommencement of activities and voyages.   Mr. A
2015-04-21 14:18:00
  Admiral Yassin Taher, Ismailia governor assured that the governorate enjoys an outstanding status being center of new projects after accomplish
2015-04-20 16:42:00 | Source : Transport Ministry site
Engineer, Hani Dahi transport minister together with Dr.Essam Sharaf previous prime minister have witnessed signature of four cooperation protocols be
2015-04-19 10:02:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
  Mr. Abd ElReheem Mustafa, official spokesman of Red Sea Port authority assured that an inner tourist line will be operated between ports of Sha
2015-04-15 09:14:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Dr. Nahed ElAshry emigration and laborers’ minister has inaugurated today in Alexandria the national symposium concerning maritime work agreemen
2015-04-15 09:06:00 | Source : Transport Ministry site
  Eng. Hani Dahi, transport minister has stated that the protocol signed between ministries of communication and transportation aims at improving
2015-04-14 14:33:00
Minister of Transportation Hany Dahy says that the Egypt Economic Development Conference will return Egypt to the world investment map.   The m
2015-04-14 14:26:00
 Sources at Suez Canal Authority said that working dredgers at new Suez Canal project have accomplished dredging of 138 million cubic meter of sa
2015-04-12 14:26:00
Transport minister, Hani Dahi met with Southern Korean government delegation and maritime transport sector (MTS) representatives in addition to a numb
2015-04-12 14:23:00
Admiral Ahmed Abdalla, Red sea governor announced Thursday the establishment of a new branch of the maritime transport academy (AAST) in Hurghada city
2015-04-07 14:42:00
   Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority announced that dredgers working in new Suez Canal project have succeeded in lift
2015-04-07 13:45:00
Transport minister, Hani Dahi met Cyprus transport minister, Marious Demeter Dedas to debate means of cooperation in the field of maritime transport a
2015-04-05 14:40:00
 Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority, has announced today 5th of March accomplishment of 50.8% of new Suez Canal dredging wo
2015-04-01 12:13:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Last Sunday morning the international conference for maritime transport and logistics “Marlog4” has been launched in Alexandria held in th

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