Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Shabat (Alnaaúm) Start 15 January - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Karm Start 28 January - Duration 7 days ، Heavy rain


2014-01-30 13:55:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
  Admiral Abd Elkadder Gaballah, head of maritime transport sector said that the ministry is studying cancelling Turkish navigation convention a
2014-01-30 12:15:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Admiral Mustafa Amer, head of Damietta port authority said that they are planning for the establishment of two silos for grains storage at the port, i
2014-01-29 13:40:00
Alexandria port has received today two steamboats” Estreez” and “Beneveka” coming from Ukraine carrying 111corn tons and the v
2014-01-28 14:19:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
  Rear admiral Mustafa Amer, head of board of directors of Damietta port said in Press releases that Egypt is currently undergoing an important
2014-01-28 14:17:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Admiral Ahmed Naguib Sharaf, head of Port Said port authority said that Port Said port is considered number 29 in the world and the first in Africa, t
2014-01-27 11:08:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Maritime Safaga port has received today Sunday a crude aluminum shipment coming from India. Commodore Ashraf Mazrooa director of maritime Safaga port
2014-01-27 11:06:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Admiral Youssef Abd ElMoneim, maritime Hurghada port director assured regularity of navigation traffic at the port, where the ferry” ElKahera&rd
2014-01-26 11:37:00 | Source : ElMasry ElYoum
The steamboat”Costa Nezam “has arrived at Alexandria port on Saturday carrying a shipment of gasoline of tonnage 35 thousand ton. Admiral
2014-01-26 11:34:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
  Ambassador Ali ElEsheery deputy foreign minister for embassy affaires and Egyptian abroad said that our embassy at Tunisia has put an end to d
2014-01-23 11:43:00 | Source : ElBadeel
Damietta port has received today Wednesday 4 thousand cattle from European countries exported to one of livestock companies credit to increase amount
2014-01-23 11:40:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Alexandria port has received on Wednesday the wheat vessel”Yastin “coming from Russia carrying 65 thousand wheat tons making the wheat sto
2014-01-23 11:39:00 | Source : ElMasry ElYoum
Alexandria port has received on Wednesday the ferry” C ElYous” carrying 673 car of different models and brands. Head of Alexandria port a
2014-01-23 10:28:00
Admiral, Mustafa Amer, head of Damietta port authority has met with General Abd ElReheem Mansour, Damietta governor and has reviewed with him the ongo
2014-01-22 11:53:00
  Abd ElReheem Mustafa  Red Sea port authority spokesman said that the authority will invite for two tenders this year for the establishmen
2014-01-22 11:45:00 | Source : ElMasry ElYoum
Head of Red Sea port authority admiral, Hassan Fallah, said that Zaytiat port at Suez  has received the tanker “Misr Gas” coming from
2014-01-21 10:56:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
Admiral, Hassan Fallah, head of port authority said that Suez ports have received today 21-1-2014 about 30 thousand tons of cargo coming from Saudi Ar
2014-01-19 11:14:00 | Source : ONA agency
Abd ElReheem Mustafa, director of media department in Red Sea port authority said:” Zaytiat port has received today 8500 ton of liquefied butane
2014-01-19 11:13:00 | Source : Elyoum 7
530trucks carrying 15 thousand wheat tons have departed Alexandria port directed to mills of different governorates, also a train carrying 1700 wheat
2014-01-16 10:49:00 | Source : ElMasreen
Ministry of supply: board of trade has announced that Alexandria port has received two steamboat “Gencoavety” and “Diana” comi
2014-01-16 10:47:00 | Source : ElMasry ElYoum
  Environment minister Dr. Laila Eskandar has decided on Tuesday to constitute a committee from the general administrations of the ministry and
2014-01-16 10:36:00 | Source : elShorook
600 trucks have departed Alexandria port carrying about 18 thousand tons of wheat directed to mills of several governorates. Besides a cargo train car
2014-01-12 11:40:00 | Source : Vito
  Admiral Hassan Fallah, head of red Sea port authority has announced that Port Tawfik port at Suez has received the Egyptian vessel “ElKa
2014-01-09 13:27:00 | Source : Masrawy
Red Sea port authority at Suez has announced today Wednesday 8-1-2014 regularity of work at the authority’s ports in the governorates of Suez, S
2014-01-06 10:16:00 | Source : ElBadeel
  Ports affiliated to Red Sea port authority has received today Sunday 5-1-2014 thousand tons of butane gas and cargo whereas trailers loaded wi
2014-01-06 08:52:00 | Source : ElMasry ElYoum
Dr. Ibrahim ElDemeery, transport minister has appointed a supreme investment committee in the ministry to constitute working groups marketing 100 tran
2014-01-06 08:51:00 | Source : ElMasry ElYoum
Transport ministry has accomplished the preparation of technical specification booklet for river ports after it has executed their decontamination to
2014-01-06 08:49:00 | Source : Port Said Elyoum
Dr. Sherif ElEtefy, investor minister consultant for giant projects said that most outstanding sectors concentrated upon in the coming period are repr
2014-01-05 12:07:00
Mr. Tarek Hassanein, Suez Canal authority spokesman said that north convoy has witnessed the crossing of 28vessel of tonnage one million, 533,6thousan
2014-01-05 09:43:00 | Source : Transport Ministry site
Dr. Ibrahim ElDemeery, transport minister has met with a delegation of Damietta port officials and workers, members of navigation chamber, and a numbe
2013-12-31 10:57:00 | Source : Transport Ministry site
In the attendance of Dr. Dina Shebib, Jordan transport minister and Mr. Hady ElAmry, Iraqi transport minister, Dr. Ibrahim ElDemeery, Egypt transport

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