Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Heen (Saad Al-Ekhbeeh) Start 21 March - Duration 13 day ، Early Spring
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Ouah – Bard El-Agwza Start 24 March - Duration 6 days ، N.A

The current status of some of these studies and the entities that can benefit from them - Studies related to ports

plan number

Studies to be updated



Planning to link all types of inland transport network with Egyptian ports surrounding areas. (February 1995) 

-          Not updated since 1995.

-          There is a similar study (study of internal, regional and international transport networks to serve the proposed global economic center in the Suez Canal area (November 2001).


The storage capacity on the States' level and its impact on operational efficiency and productivity of ports (the year 1995).

 Not complete (not updated since 1995).


 Planning Egyptian ports transit storage activity (1997).

- The date of issue of the first (January 1996).

- The date of second issue (July 1996).

- The "Transit Containers Trade Study in Egypt" (2011) was prepared.