Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Heen (Saad Al-Ekhbeeh) Start 21 March - Duration 13 day ، Early Spring
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Ouah – Bard El-Agwza Start 24 March - Duration 6 days ، N.A

Mameesh: 105down to earth projects amongst SC development corridor

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal economic region general authority, said that there are currently 105down to earth projects amongst Suez Canal developmental projects and that investors requests are increasing with increase in political status that Egypt witnesses.

 This was during his meeting with cabinet undersecretary, Salmam Wahdan and Port Said governor, Adel Elghadban and head of Elwafd party, ElSayed ElBadawy, at the economic forum.

 Mameesh has also pointed that East Port Said port will become one of greatest hub ports in the region and the whole world and will provide enormous work opportunities, assuring that berths’ depths at port have reached 18.5m up till now; enabling to deal with giant vessels and coming generations of vessels. Adding that industrial region East Port Said is 40million square meter, 21million square meter of which have been accomplished, and that the German side has received the land and actually started work, and assuring that the development that Suez Canal corridor witnesses, with its two poles represented in East Port Said port and South port; represented in Sukhna port, will represent development trailer of Egyptian economy and that they are two hub ports enabling reaching worldwide.

   From his side, Dr. ElBadawy praised stunning development that the Canal corridor witnesses ; remembering how Port Said governorate suffered in past eras, what makes it today  having biggest development portion Egypt witnesses.